Ross County Receives Team Award

A big congratulations goes out to Pioneer Center’s SSA Department as well as our mental health partners and providers in Ross County — they are the recipient of the 2018 Team Award and Coordinating Center of Excellence at the NADD State of Ohio IDD/MI Annual Conference. The following is the statement from Kimberly Mayne at DODD:

Ross County’s MI/ID Team and the members of their partnership provide services through the collaborative efforts of local systems and agencies to provide quality support to individuals who are dually diagnosed.  They have woven trauma Informed approaches into their practices and have worked diligently to educate and provide support through Trauma trainings with a grant through the BWC and by engaging other renowned educators.   Ross County has amazing SSAs who go over and above for the individuals receiving services.   They have utilized the resources from CCOE and coupled it with other invested resources to improve the quality of lives of those they support by investing in skill capacity of Teams to advance the Teams and individual quality of life.  They have used all resources possible to help support individuals who are dually diagnosed.  The leadership of the County Board of Developmental Disabilities and their local Mental Health partners have been open and welcoming to partnering in learning opportunities.  They partner with the local community to build relationships and make an impact individually and on a larger scale.  This approach truly shows the meaning of breaking down barriers and building strength in all.