DSP Abby

Provider(s) of the Month : September part 1

This week we are featuring FIVE amazing Direct Support Professionals during National DSP Week! We are celebrating ALL DSPs — they are the heart and soul of everything we do to help people with disabilities feel, and be, included in the community. #DSPRW19

Abby Caron, Frontier Community Services

Abby has worked in a residential home providing direct care for some time now. She is easy-going and caring in every interaction with the ladies who live there. She expects the women to be as independent as possible and will encourage them to do as many things as they can on their own. She believes in what they are capable of every day!

Recently one of the housemates was hospitalized and in ICU. Abby has taken time almost every day to go spend time with this lady so that she isn’t alone. Not only does she visit, Abby also updates the team on how the lady is doing and what is being done for her while in ICU.

Another housemate in the home consistently talks about how Abby has helped her learn new things and how she appreciates Abby for the help. Abby works *with* the individuals she supports rather than *for* the individual. The ladies in the house love to talk about her friend Abby rather than her staff Abby.

Congratulations, Abby!

Pioneer Center recognizes our providers who go above and beyond for the people they support. We appreciate all that you do for the people we serve in Ross County.

Providers to people with developmental disabilities may be independent (self employed individuals) or agencies. For more information or how to become a provider, Visit our website for more information on how to get started, visit rossdd.org/providers.