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Provider Type
45 Quail Ct., #300
Walnut Creek
Phone Number
Waiver Services
Adaptive and Assistive Equipment, Assistive Technology - Consultation, Assistive Technology - Equipment, Remote Support
Waivers Accepted
I/O, Level 1, Self, Other / Not Sure
Additional information
SafeinHome is a trusted provider of Remote Supports and Assistive Technologies for people with disabilities to live independent and self-directed lives.

Providing individualized connected care solutions with friendly and personalized Remote Support services, in combination with discreet, easy to use sensor technologies.

A two-way tablet connects individuals with friendly 24/7 support staff or regular "check-in's", according to your individualized care plan.

A wireless system of small, discreet sensors is placed around the home that discreetly tracks movement, activity and routines, and sends this information securely to your Care Circle.

It’s easy to set up and use - SafeinHome has a built-in cellular network so there’s no need for a phone line or Internet connection and there’s no complicated technology to learn.

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