One of our goals is creating as many opportunities as we can for people with disabilities to not only join but being actively involved in their community. We are working with many businesses and organizations to help us reach this goal by employing, connecting, and advocating for people with disabilities.

To volunteer, employ, or learn more about what Pioneer can do for you, click any of the links below.





The FANS Network is a group of people in Ross County who are committed to enhancing the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities. This group of volunteers participates in a variety of local initiatives such as supporting adult recreation events, picking up and delivering furniture, assisting individuals with moving into their own homes and more.

For more information or to become a part of the FANS Network, contact Lacey Derexson at 740-773-8044 or sign up using the form below.

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Employer Resources

If you are an employer in Ross County and are looking for information on the benefits of hiring people with disabilities, please see the resources below or call Art Nickles at 740-775-7044.

Employer Assistance and Resource Network

Job Accommodation Network

IRS Tax Benefits


Pioneer Center is excited to offer internships in the following areas:

Social Work - contact Laura Martin at 740-775-7044

Residential Services - contact Greg Williamson at 740-773-8044

Teaching - contact Tina Browder at 740-773-2165

Communication/Graphic Design - contact Lacey Derexson at 740-773-8044