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If you are a Provider for individuals in Ross County or are looking to become one, this area is just for you!

Certification & Training

Find links below for how to become a provider as well as both training and testing resources on MUI, Rights and Bloodborne Pathogens.

Provider Resources

Certification & Training


Welcome!  If you or your agency, are seeking assistance with obtaining certification from the Ohio Department of Disabilities (DODD) and receiving referrals from individuals served by the Pioneer Center, please see below.

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) requires all providers of Medicaid waiver services to be certified, and there is an online application that you will need to complete, prior to being selected for any waiver services.  (

We have included some easy to use guides to help you through this process in the links below. You will want to complete the necessary training prior to starting your DODD application. Some of the process takes place on different platforms, so please download and follow the user guides for those steps.

Independent Provider Checklist
Applying for an NPI Number
Completing EVV Training and Using EVV
Creating a Username for NPPES
Managing Your Payee Profile
PNM to PSM for Certified Providers
Taxonomy Guide for DODD Waiver Providers
Becoming an Independent Provider 2023
Updating Demographic Info

DODD has updated the training requirements for independent providers, so please select the correct courses to avoid delays in certification.

Read the instructions very carefully regarding the BCII check, make sure the results are sent to DODD (address on checklist).  They will not accept a copy from any other source.

As you are going through the application, you may have questions.  If you do, please feel free to contact Greg Williamson at 740-773-8044 ext. 263, or Art Nickles 740-775-7044 ext. 282,   If we are unable to assist you DODD has a provider certification help desk at 800-617-6733 #5.  They will be able to assist you if you are having difficulty with their application.

There are fees for many items: BCII check, the application, and some trainings.  These are your responsibility.  If you feel that the cost is prohibitive and still want to provide services to individuals we serve, there are several agency providers that are looking for staff and I would be glad to help you get in touch with them.

Once your application is submitted it typically takes 30 days to get an approval email from DODD. After you receive that we will add you to our list of providers and I will inform our Service and Support Administrators that you are interested in providing services.  They will reach out to you as needed.

Provider Resources

Want to receive referrals from our staff for services you or your agency offer? Each provider who serves Ross County has access to a free listing in our database which is provided by Brittco Software. This system requires providers to log in and add information to their listing - the short video linked below can guide you through this process once you are logged in. Please keep in mind that this is the only way referrals are done in Ross County so without completing it you will not be notified about open hours or needs!

First, you will need to log in to Brittco:

Add your email address where indicated and click “Forgot Password”. You will receive an email to create a new password.

Follow the instructions in the video below to update your provider record to start receiving email notifications with referrals for individuals needing services you are approved for.

If you have any questions about logging into the Brittco system, please contact our IT department at